Research Study Abstract

Validity of the Acti4 software using ActiGraph GT3X+accelerometer for recording of arm and upper body inclination in simulated work tasks.

  • Published on Jan. 7, 2014

The validity of inclinometer measurements by ActiGraph GT3X+ (AG) accelerometer, when analysed with the Acti4 customised software, was examined by comparison of inclinometer measurements with a reference system (TrakStar) in a protocol with standardised arm movements and simulated working tasks. The sensors were placed at the upper arm (distal to the deltoid insertion) and at the spine (level of T1-T2) on eight participants. Root mean square errors (RMSEs) values of inclination between the two systems were low for the slow- and medium-speed standardised arm movements and in simulated working tasks. Fast arm movements caused the inclination estimated by the AG to deviate from the reference measurements (RMSE values up to ∼10°). Furthermore, it was found that AG positioned at the upper arm provided inclination data without bias compared to the reference system. These findings indicate that the AG provides valid estimates of arm and upper body inclination in working participants