Research Study Abstract

The Relation of Goal Orientations to Physical Activity in Physical Education

  • Published on 06/2002

Researchers support the relationship of task orientation with exerted effort persistence and self-reported physical activity but there is little evidence on the relation of goal perspectives with objective measures of physical activity The purpose of this study was to examine behavioral correlates of goal orientations using an objective measure of physical activity in physical education (PB) The participants of the study were 112 students, boys and girls, of different age groups 9-10 and 11-12 years of age A field test was conducted and objective measures of physical activity (CSA) and goal orientation were obtained in 16 PE lessons! ANOVA analysis revealed that there was no significant difference in sex or age, or time participation in moderate physical activity time but there was a significant difference in participation in vigorous activities, Students that scored higher in task orientation had a longer participation in vigorous activity regardless of their ego orientation comparing them with those who had high ego and low task These results may provide significant insights for appropriate practice in PE.

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European Physical Education Review