Research Study Abstract

Self-reported Vs. Objective Physical Activity/inactivity In Hispanic Elders In Community-based Programs In Puerto Rico

  • Presented on May 28, 2014

Background: Comparison between self-reported and objective assessment of physical activity (PA) and sedentary time among Hispanic elders in Puerto Rico has not been evaluated.

Purpose: We tested the following hypotheses: 1) moderate to vigorous PA (MVPA) behavior will be higher and sedentary time lower with self-report compared with objective assessment, 2) sedentary time will be higher during weekdays compared with weekend.

Methods: Fifty-eight Hispanic elders (23 women, 34 men, mean±se: 76.4±1.1 years of age) participating in HOPE Centers located in Mayaguez and San German completed the long version of the International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ) by interview and wore an ActiGraph GT3X+ accelerometer attached to a waist band during seven consecutive days. Paired t-tests were used to determine differences between the IPAQ and ActiGraph MVPA and sedentary time, and sedentary time during weekdays and weekends.

Results: IPAQ MVPA was higher compared with the accelerometer (448.1±59.7 vs. 64.5±16.2 min/week, respectively, P<0.001), and IPAQ sedentary time was lower compared with the accelerometer (1143.3±60.1 vs. 3949.6±84.3 min/week, respectively, P<0.001). Participants self-reported more time sitting during weekdays compared with weekends (461.6±21.5 vs. 372.3±26.7 min/week, respectively, P<0.001).

Conclusions: The observed seven times higher MVPA with the IPAQ compared with the accelerometer is higher than previously reported in younger groups. Participants did not achieve the PA recommendation, which is similar to other age groups in Puerto Rico. However, different from the general population, they were less active during weekdays, time when they were attending the HOPE Centers, compared with weekends. These results suggest that the activities provided in these community-based programs need to be revised in order to facilitate a more active lifestyle in this population.

Supported in part by Ronald E. McNair program, Inter American University of Puerto Rico-San German.

Presented at

ACSM 2014 Annual Meeting


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