Research Study Abstract

Physical Activity During Pregnancy Measured with the MTI Actigraph

  • Published on 05/2003

Purpose To assess PA levels across trimesters of pregnancy using the actigraph.

Methods 37 women (mean age = 29.9±7.5y) (trimester 1 (T1) n = 11. trimester 2 (T2) n = 14, trimester 3 (T3) n = 12) wore the MTI Actigraph for seven consecutive days. Time spent in moderate and vigorous activity (counts 1952) was classified by Freedson cut points. PA levels were compared among trimester, race, education level, and pie-pregnancy BMI.

Results Minutes of moderate and high intensity activity levels did not differ across the trimesters, thus, all trimesters were pooled for further analysis. 1 Pregnant women completed an average (±SD) of 23.0±19.8 mm of moderate and vigorous PA per day (TI = 282 mm, T2 = 198 mm, T3 = 23.6 mm). Pregnant women spent (43-78%) more time in moderate and vigorous PA if they were college graduates (p < 0.05), Caucasian (p < 0.05), and had a pie-pregnancy BMI between 20-25 kg/rn2 (p < 0.10).

Conclusion Activity monitors provide an objective means of quantifying PA levels during pregnancy. Levels of participation in moderate and vigorous PA did not vary by trimester as measured by the activity monitor. Higher education level, Caucasian race, and lower pre-pregnancy SMI were associated with more time spent in moderate and vigorous activity during pregnancy.


  • Roberts, D.E.
  • Fragala, M.S.
  • Pragluski, S.J.
  • Hasson, R.
  • Schmidt, M.
  • Chasan-Taber, L. FACSM
  • Freedson, P.S. FACSM


  • University of Massachusetts


Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise