Research Study Abstract

Physical Activity Assessment in American Indian Children and Adolescents

  • Published on 08/2002

The prevalence of obesity is high in American Indian children (AI) and adolescents, and there is a need for valid methods for estimating energy intake and expenditure that can be applied in large-scale epidemiological studies and prevention programs. Thus, we compared two physical activity (PA) assessment methods, accelerometry and PA self-report (PAR), in 263 8-13 year old American Indian boys and girls living in the Southwestern United States Mean (plus or minus SE) BMTs (kg times in super(-2)) were 234 plus or minus 0.6 and 23.6 plus or minus 0 6 for 8-10 year old boys and girls and 25.3 plus or minus 0 9 and 27.6 plus or minus 0.18 for 11-13 yr old boys and girls. Average percent fat ranged from 39.9 – 46.6% across groups. Participants wore CSA monitors for 7 consecutive days and completed 7 one-day PARs recalling the previous 24 hrs activity The correlation (r) between CSA and PAR ranks of PA was low (r=031, p


International Journal of Obesity