Research Study Abstract

Neighborhood perceptions moderate the association between the family environment and children's objectively assessed physical activity

  • Published on Nov. 2013

This study aimed to investigate whether parents’ perceptions of the neighborhood environment moderate associations between the family environment and children’s moderate- to vigorous-intensity physical activity (MVPA) outside of school hours. In total, 929 parents of 10-12 year-old children completed a questionnaire concerning the family environment, MVPA levels, and the neighborhood environment. Children wore an Actigraph (AM7164-2.2C) accelerometer. Compared with neighborhood environment factors, the family environment was more frequently associated with children’s MVPA. Parental MVPA was positively associated with children’s MVPA, but only among children whose parents reported a high presence of sporting venues. Having more restrictive physical activity rules was negatively associated with children’s weekday MVPA in neighborhoods with high perceived stranger danger.


Health & Place