Research Study Abstract

Initial Validation of the CSA Activity Monitor During Rehabilitative Exercise Among Older Adults With Chronic Disease

  • Published on 2003

The authors examined the validity of the Computer Science and Application (CSA) activity monitor during a bout of rehabilitative exercise among older adults with chronic disease. In order to determine convergent validity, 50 participants were monitored during a 30-min walk in Study 1. In order to assess concurrent validity, 10 volunteers wore both a CSA accelerometer and a Cosmed K4 b2 portable gas-analysis unit during 30 min of rehabilitative exercise in Study 2. Study 1 results revealed significant (p < 0.01) positive relationships between mean CSA activity counts and estimated METs (r = 0.60), pedometer readings (r = 0.47), 6-min walk (r = 0.62), and self-efficacy (r = 0.45). Study 2 results demonstrated a significant (p < 0.01) positive correlation between CSA activity counts and oxygen uptake (r = 0.72). The findings suggest that the CSA activity monitor is an effective objective measure of physical activity during a structured, moderate-intensity bout of exercise among older adults with chronic disease.

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Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise


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