Research Study Abstract

Feasibility study: Comparison of performance status with objective physical activity monitors in lung cancer patients

  • Published on July 21, 2010

Context Performance status (PS) is a predictor of response to chemotherapy but difficult to identify in patients with advanced lung cancer. It is measured using the ECOG scale, which relies on simple questions to assign a score. Accuracy in measurement is a concern. PS is closely related to physical activity, but they are not the same.

Objective To determine the feasibility of using two activity monitoring devices to examine physical activity and relate it to the PS assessment of lung cancer patients.

Methods Patients wear the activPAL(TM) and Actigraph(TM) monitors for two weeks around a dose of chemotherapy.

Results Two patients have been evaluated of a planned 25. Initial results are:

Subject 1: Actigraph(TM) Activity: 46,088 plus-or-minus 4286; activPAL(TM) Energy: 18.7 plus-or-minus 1.8; ECOG PS at Week 1: 1.

Subject 2: Actigraph(TM) Activity: 176,591 plus-or-minus 5405; activPAL(TM) Energy: 20.1 plus-or-minus 0.3; ECOG PS at Week 1: 1.

Conclusions Actigraph(TM) shows a difference in activity between the two patients, but activPAL(TM) does not. Despite the difference in activity, both patients received an ECOG PS of 1. We hope to compare the devices and assess their correlation to PS assessment. Predictive and prognostic factors based on physical activity may then be further explored.


  • Damodaran, Swathi
  • Campbell, Tony (Mentor)


  • Univerisity of Wisconsin-Madison


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