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Effect of an Exercise Consultation on Maintenance of Physical Activity After Completion of Phase III Exercise-Based Cardiac Rehabilitation

  • Published on 02/2007

Background Many patients do not maintain physical activity levels after completion of phase III exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation.

Design This study determined the effect of an exercise consultation on maintenance of physical activity and cardiorespiratory fitness 12 months after completion of a phase III exercise programme. Seventy cardiac patients were randomized to the experimental (exercise consultation and exercise information) or control groups (exercise information only).

Methods Outcomes recorded at baseline, 6 and 12 months were: physical activity (stage of change, 7-day recall, accelerometer), cardiorespiratory fitness, lipids, quality of life, anxiety and depression.

Results Both groups were regularly active at baseline. The between-group difference for the change in total activity (min/week) assessed by the 7-day recall was significant from baseline to 12 months [98% confidence interval (CI) -295, -20]. Total activity was maintained in the experimental group (98% CI -63, 154) and significantly decreased in the control group (115 min/week; 98% CI -228, -28) from baseline to 12 months. The between-group difference for the change in accelerometer counts/week was not significant from baseline to 6 (98% CI -1 143 720, 607 430) or 12 months (98% CI -1 131 128, 366 473). A comparable, significant decrease in peak oxygen uptake occurred from baseline to 12 months in experimental (1.8 ml/kg per min; 98% CI -3.2, -0.3) and control participants (2.3 ml/kg per min; -3.8, -0.8). Lipids, quality of life, anxiety and depression were normal at baseline and did not significantly change in either group over time.

Conclusion Exercise consultation was effective in maintaining self-reported physical activity, but not peak oxygen uptake, for 12 months after completion of phase III.

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European Journal of Cardiovascular Prevention & Rehabilitation