Research Study Abstract

Development and Validation of Sedentary Behavior Record (SBR) Instrument

  • Presented on May 30, 2013

Prior measures of sedentary behavior have not systematically measured sedentary activities in multiple domains and over various routinely performed daily sedentary activities with a user-friendly device. The Sedentary Behavior Record (SBR) was designed to fill the gap in the literature in measuring sedentary behavior. The SBR is an adaptation of the 3-day Physical Activity Record for the purpose of quantifying sedentary behavior time (SBT) over a 24-hour day. The SBR includes 3 domains (work, non-work sitting and lying down or reclining) and a choice of 3 activities under each domain (transportation, screen time, and other) to quantify SBT by 15-minute blocks of time for 24-hours.

Purpose Develop and validate the SBR instrument.

Methods A total of 46 adults, aged 37 ± 12 years old, wore an ActiGraph accelerometer and recorded subjective SBT by SBR for 7 consecutive days. Outcome measurements included SBT for 24-hour day with with sleep (SBT-S) and SBT without sleep time (SBT-NS), beginning when accelerometer is reported as off the body for sleep, measured by ActiGraph (activity counts per minute < 100) and by SBR. Pearson correlations and paired sample t tests were examined to establish concurrent validity evidence. The alpha level was set at .025, adjusted by the Bonferroni technique. Intraclass correlation coefficients (ICC) were also computed for reliability.

Results SBT-NS as measured by ActiGraph (M = 574.48; SD = 83.33) and SBR (M = 524.54; SD = 180.49) had a moderate-to-strong relationship (r = .59, p < .001), and SBT-S as measured by ActiGraph (M = 1041.04; SD = 148.31) and SBR (M = 987.87; SD = 196.74) had a low-to-moderate relationship (r = .31, p

Conclusion Overall, the results support the potential use of SBT-NS and SBT-S from the SBR instrument. Further studies are warranted to validate the SBR instrument in other populations.

Presented at

ACSM 2013 Annual Meeting


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