Research Study Abstract

Combined Effect of Sedentary Behaviour and Obesity on Blood Pressure Levels in Portuguese Children of the 7th Grade

  • Presented on 25 October 2012

Aim We aimed to study the sedentary behaviour and obesity levels in 123 students of the 7th grade and their implications in blood pressure levels.

Methods Sedentary behavior and physical activity were assessed with accelerometry. Blood pressure was measured and for both systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressures Z-scores adjusted for age, sex and height were calculated. Weight and height were measured with standardized protocols. We applied an ANCOVA to compare the blood pressure levels (z-scores) for each group of sedentary / nutritional status (BMI) adjusted for time of use of the accelerometer, the percentage of MVPA and height.

Results significant differences in systolic blood pressure were found only between the group of participants classified as low sedentary normal-weight and those classified as sedentary and overweight (p <0.05).

Conclusions The results of this study allow us to verify that the combination of being sedentary and overweight influences blood pressure in children of this age, regardless of gender.

Presented at

7th European Youth Hearty Study Scientific Symposium


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