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PR: ActiGraph Introduces First Wireless Activity Monitor

Pensacola, FL-July 12, 2012-ActiGraph has announced the release of the wGT3X+ activity monitor, the first wireless device from the industry’s leading provider of objective 24 hour physical activity and sleep/wake monitoring hardware and software solutions. The ActiGraph wGT3X+ is a tri-axis accelerometer with embedded ANT+ wireless technology to streamline project workflow and enhance data acquisition and reporting capabilities through sensor interoperability and real-time device communication and data transfer features.

The wGT3X+ monitor operates in conjunction with the ActiLife software, ActiGraph’s premier actigraphy data analysis platform, and the ActiLife Mobile iPhone app. Mobile communication allows the research team the flexibility to communicate with devices wirelessly while also facilitating subject data interaction in intervention studies or clinical trials that require both subjective and objective measurements.

“Wireless and mobile communication is really a game changer in the field of objective 24 hour monitoring,” said Rob Wilson, Senior Vice President of Business Development for ActiGraph. “As we witness an increase in translational research and the adoption of research tools that can potentially improve patient outcomes, the ability to capture high quality raw data while simultaneously providing an opportunity for subject interaction really opens up a world of possibilities.”

ActiGraph has concurrently released the wActiSleep+ monitor, which offers the same 24 hour data collection and wireless communication capabilities as the wGT3X+ activity monitor with enhanced sleep-related analysis functionality and reporting options.

About ActiGraph

ActiGraph’s extensively validated suite of hardware and software products are widely used by prominent scientific and academic organizations in more than 65 countries in research and clinical projects involving physical activity, energy expenditure, and sleep/wake behavior and their relationships to a wide range of health conditions including obesity, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease and sleep disorders. ActiGraph monitoring solutions have delivered objective activity and sleep data to many high profile population studies including the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), the European Youth Health Study, the U.K. Millennium Cohort Study and the Women’s Health Initiative.