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ActiGraph Rolls Out New Data Science Services to Accelerate Clinical Development

PENSACOLA, FL, June 21, 2022ActiGraph, a leading provider of wearable technology-enabled solutions for clinical research, is now also providing carefully tailored scientific services to its clients. These service offerings help clinical trial sponsors maximize the benefits of digital health technologies (DHTs) throughout the clinical development lifecycle.

ActiGraph’s new end-to-end services, which include endpoint design, algorithm validation, biostatistical analysis, and regulatory engagement, are offered in conjunction with the company’s validated, FDA-cleared wearable technology platform. This complete, fit-for-purpose package of solutions is designed to guide study teams through the process of study planning and implementation.

“Studies with traditional subjective measures often struggle to demonstrate the clinical benefit of a treatment,” says Christine Guo, ActiGraph Chief Scientific Officer. “At ActiGraph, we wanted to address this issue so that the right treatments can be delivered to the right patients, faster. Our solution was to build a science team with the necessary expertise to help sponsors capture meaningful clinical measures, remotely and continuously, and reduce some of the challenges associated with regulatory acceptance of DHTs.”

ActiGraph’s scientific services are delivered through the company’s newly established internal science department, consisting of world-class data scientists, biostatisticians, clinical scientists, and engineers. This multidisciplinary group of digital health professionals works with high quality sensor data to reveal clinical insights that would be otherwise inaccessible. The services can be fully contracted, creating an especially powerful tool for smaller biotech companies with little to no experience in remote patient monitoring.

“The launch of these scientific services represents a defining moment in the history of ActiGraph, marking our evolution from a niche hardware provider to a full-service scientific solutions company,” says Jeremy Wyatt, ActiGraph CEO. “We’ve supported more than 200 industry-sponsored clinical trials in recent years, and we know there are significant gaps throughout the clinical development process. Challenges such as selecting a fit-for-purpose device or understanding what to include in a regulatory submission can make it difficult for sponsors to fully realize the benefits of DHTs in their studies. Through these scientific service offerings, we can now provide study teams with confidence and support every step of the way to ensure the collection of meaningful, patient-centric digital measures.”

About ActiGraph: Founded in 2004, ActiGraph is a leading wearable technology partner within the pharmaceutical and academic life science research industries. ActiGraph’s biosensor solutions have been deployed in hundreds of industry-sponsored clinical drug trials and continue to pave the way for real-world remote monitoring within this complex and highly regulated space. With well over 2,000 clients in more than 100 countries, and referenced in over 20,000 peer-reviewed articles, ActiGraph has earned its reputation as the “Gold Standard” in objective activity measurement.