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ActiGraph Launches GT9X Link Activity Monitor

Pensacola, FL – Nov. 14, 2014 – ActiGraph, the leading provider of objective physical activity and sleep/wake measurement solutions for the global research community and pharmaceutical industry, has announced the release of the highly anticipated ActiGraph GT9X Link activity monitor. The redesigned ActiGraph Link expands upon the company’s scientifically validated physical activity and sleep measurement platform with a rich feature set that delivers an improved subject experience along with multiple new channels of sensor data captured by a gyroscope, magnetometer, and secondary accelerometer. Equipped with Bluetooth Smart technology, the ActiGraph Link supports wireless heart rate data capture and mobile data uploads to ActiGraph’s cloud-based Study Admin platform, giving academic and clinical research teams the ability to securely monitor subject compliance and activity measures in real time from any web browser.

The redesigned ActiGraph Link features a high resolution liquid crystal display (LCD) window that can be programmed to operate as a watch face and/or to display subject activity measures, including steps and kcals, in real time. The ActiGraph Link is 25% smaller than the company’s flagship research activity monitor, the wGT3X-BT, with a streamlined, low profile case to deliver optimal wearability and subject comfort.

The ActiGraph Link provides the unique opportunity for highly sophisticated body movement and position analysis using raw sensor data captured by an integrated Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). The IMU contains a 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis magnetometer, and secondary 3-axis accelerometer, which together deliver nine component motion sensing in addition to the device’s primary 3-axis accelerometer. This robust dataset paves the way for novel scientific and clinical applications such as gait analysis, inclination, and fall detection, which have utility within numerous disease and therapeutic areas, including Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, pain, rehabilitation, and aging and related conditions.

“The ActiGraph Link is the product of an ongoing collaboration with members of the research community who need a measurement tool that captures highly accurate, validated data with minimal burden to the subject population,” said Jeff Arnett, CEO of ActiGraph. “The end user experience has become an increasingly important consideration, particularly as ActiGraph becomes more widely involved in clinical trials and pharmaceutical research, where patient monitoring periods can last for months at a time. The ActiGraph Link’s aesthetic and functional enhancements address these challenges while also delivering completely new channels of data that expand its utility in many patient and disease populations.”

About ActiGraph:
ActiGraph’s extensively validated suite of hardware and software products are widely used by prominent scientific, academic, and pharmaceutical organizations in more than 75 countries in research studies and clinical trials involving physical activity, energy expenditure, and sleep/wake behavior and their relationships to a wide range of health conditions including obesity, diabetes, cancer, CNS disorders, cardiovascular disease and sleep disorders. ActiGraph measurement solutions have delivered objective data to many high profile population studies including the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), the Harvard Women’s Health Study, the German National Cohort, and the U.K. Millennium Cohort Study.