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Physical Activity, Functional Capacity and Quality of Life in Older People

  • Added on November 8, 2010

Introduction Evidences show a positive relationship between regular physical activity and a high physical fitness on reduction of anxiety and depression levels, improving older people’s quality of life. Maintenance of motor skills is critical to the preservation of an independent lifestyle and quality of life in elderly. The aim ...

Plasma Adiponectin Concentration is Associated With the Average Accelerometer Daily Steps Counts in Healthy Elderly Females

  • Published on 03/13/2010

This study is aimed to evaluate whether circulating adiponectin concentration is associated with physical activity (PA) level in healthy older females. To date, daily PA in older adults (> or = 65 years) has primarily relied on self-report. This study used accelerometry, which objectively measured minute-by-minute movement to assess PA volume and intensity ...

Monitoring Mobility in Older Adults Using Global Positioning System (GPS) Watches and Accelerometers: A Feasibility Study

  • Added on October 19, 2009

This exploratory study examined the feasibility of using Garmin global positioning system (GPS) watches and ActiGraph accelerometers to monitor walking and other aspects of community mobility in older adults. After accuracy at slow walking speeds was initially determined, 20 older adults (74.4 +/- 4.2 yr) wore the devices for 1 day. Steps, distances, and ...