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Surveillance of Physical Activity in the UK is Flawed: Validation of the Health Survey for England Physical Activity Questionnaire

  • Published on 09/09/2010

Objective Public health surveillance of physical activity in children in the UK depends on a parent-reported physical activity questionnaire which has not been validated. We aimed to validate this questionnaire against measurement of physical activity using accelerometry in 6–7-year-old children. Methods In 130 children aged 6–7 years (64 boys, 66 girls) we estimated habitual ...

Actigraphy as a measure of physical activity for wheelchair users with spinal cord injury

  • Added on March 1, 2004

Background: Research has indicated that actigraphy is valid and reliable for measuring low levels of physical activity among ambulatory individuals, and that it may be a valid indicator of energy expenditure for wheelchair users in laboratory conditions, but there are no reports of its evaluation in free-living conditions. Objective: To ...