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Objective Determination of Physical Activity Levels in Mexican Youngsters

  • Presented on May 31, 2013

Introduction In México, despite the important issue of obesity and overweight, little is known regarding the relationship of physical activity and their related health issues, especially in the adolescent population Purpose To evaluate in a group of sophomore high school students the amount of physical activity measured by accelerometry ...

Combined Triaxial Accelerometry and Heart Rate Telemetry for the Physiological Characterisation of Latin Dance

  • Presented on May 31, 2013

Although objectively measured assessments of Latin social dancing have been previously reported, dance-specific accelerometer value calibrations for the estimation of energy expenditure (EE), step count (SC), and the development of physical activity intensity cut-points have not yet been conducted. Purpose To value calibrate, cross-validate, and determine the reliability of a ...

Physical Activity Among Children And Youth With Ethnic Minority Background In Norway

  • Presented on May 31, 2013

Health authorities recommend that schoolchildren should be physically active for at least 60 minutes every day. The physical activity (PA) level of Norwegian children and youth with ethnic minority background is not well known. Purpose The purpose of this study was to monitor the PA level of children and youth with ...

The Effects of a 16-week Physical Activity Intervention on Physical Activity Levels in Children

  • Presented on May 31, 2013

Purpose This study investigated the effect of a 16-week physical activity intervention on physical activity levels in children. Methods Forty-one boys and girls (mean age = 9.6 ± 1.0 years) were randomized to either a control (n=17) or intervention (n=24) group. Children randomized to the intervention group exercised for one hour at least 3 days/...

Predictive Validity of Three ActiGraph Energy Expenditure Equations for Children

  • Presented on 06/01/2005

Purpose This study evaluated the predictive validity of three previously published ActiGraph energy expenditure (EE) prediction equations developed for children and adolescents. Methods A total of 45 healthy children and adolescents (mean age: 13.7 +/- 2.6 yr) completed four 5-min activity trials (normal walking, brisk walking, easy running, and fast running) in an ...