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Light-Intensity Physical Activity and Cardiometabolic Biomarkers in US Adolescents

  • Published on August 9, 2013

Background: The minimal physical activity intensity that would confer health benefits among adolescents is unknown. The purpose of this study was to examine the associations of accelerometer-derived light-intensity (split into low and high) physical activity, and moderate- to vigorous-intensity physical activity with cardiometabolic biomarkers in a large population-based sample. Methods: ...

Reallocating time to sleep, sedentary behaviors, or active behaviors: associations with cardiovascular disease risk biomarkers, NHANES 2005-2006.

  • Published on Jan. 17, 2014

Abstract: Sleep and sedentary and active behaviors are linked to cardiovascular disease risk biomarkers, and across a 24-hour day, increasing time in 1 behavior requires decreasing time in another. We explored associations of reallocating time to sleep, sedentary behavior, or active behaviors with biomarkers. Data (n = 2,185 full sample; n = 923 fasting subanalyses) ...

Muscular fitness, fatness and inflammatory biomarkers in adolescents

  • Published on July 2013

Commentary: Rona Macniven, Prevention Research Collaboration, University of Sydney Adolescence is known to be a period of time where physical activity levels decline and weight increases so it is therefore an optimum opportunity for health interventions. This international study looked at the science around inflammatory biomarkers present in blood samples ...

Self-reported Versus Objectively Measured Physical Activity & Cardiometabolic Biomarkers Among Youth in NHANES

  • Added on June 15, 2012

Purpose To compare associations between objective and subjective measures of moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA) & cardiometabolic biomarkers. Methods 2174 (1110 boys) youth (12-19 years) from the 2003-6 NHANES combined surveys with self-reported MVPA (SRMVPA) in the previous 30 days & four 10-hour days of accelerometry MVPA (AMVPA) (Actigraph 7164) were included. The ...

Sedentary Time and Cardio-Metabolic Biomarkers in US Adults: NHANES 2003–06

  • Published on January 11, 2011

Aims Prolonged sedentary time is ubiquitous in developed economies and is associated with an adverse cardio-metabolic risk profile and premature mortality. This study examined the associations of objectively assessed sedentary time and breaks (interruptions) in sedentary time with continuous cardio-metabolic and inflammatory risk biomarkers, and whether these associations varied by ...